Season’s Greetings!

Tax Planning and Tax Reform

Tax planning for 2017 and beyond has been a real challenge with the potential for tax reform starting in 2018.  There is still a lot of uncertainty and many details will have to be ironed out before we will know how this will affect you. We do not anticipate any changes to the law for 2017 so the filing season coming up should not be much different from last year. The challenge will be knowing what tax withholdings and/or quarterly estimates will be necessary for 2018 if we end up with tax reform. We will keep ourselves abreast of the changes and details, but we may not be able to incorporate the changes and details into solid tax planning until May or June.

Tech Updates

We recently overhauled and redesigned our website. Please let us know what you think and sign up to receive email updates.

We continue to refine our technological solutions to better serve you. We are using our client document portal “Intuit Link” again this year. This portal, should you choose to use it, also allows us to exchange electronic documents through a handy and secure medium. There is no cost for using this communication medium. You will receive an email to access the portal with instructions for use.

As a yearly reminder, please update us with any contact (address, phone, & email) information changes.

We continue to use our account, which is checked and responded to every business day. You may send questions to this email address, having peace of mind that your message was received and will be answered within one business day. Please also expect to receive periodic communication from us through our admin account.

Client Referrals

We are thankful to have so many valued clients, some with more than a decade of loyalty. We appreciate your referrals to our business and we kindly ask you to let us know in advance of sending a referral our direction. We will likely contact you for more information on your referrals to assess if we can meet their needs.

Engagement Letter & Organizer

Engagement letters were sent by postal mail on Monday, December 18. Please sign and return a copy to us. You may upload the signed letter to Intuit Link, email the signed letter to, or send the signed letter by postal mail.

Our annual tax organizers will be mailed to you by the end of January 2018. If you would rather receive an electronic version, please let us know by sending an email to

We look forward to working with you again in the coming months.

Very truly yours,

John Lindeberg, Karen Coulter, Karen Otten, Kathy Lindeberg, Tia Leftin, & Brad Lindeberg